That Droning Noise is Getting Louder

The Prepper Journal has posted a number of articles on the coming of drones to our daily lives and if you put your ear to the west wind, and have really excellent hearing, the buzz from Australia is getting louder and louder.

Alphabet, Inc., the holding company that owns Google, is using Australia’s capital city as a test bed for that which we all saw coming – delivery by drone of almost anything that does’t exceed the lift capacity of the craft. Wings, the Google company is actively doing testing by delivering everything from hot chocolate (in aerodynamic containers) to sunblock in Canberra.

And reading the news story on Wings (link provided above) this is becoming more and more of a reality coming to us all, and perhaps a concern when we think of our privacy and our personal security. Even Hollywood has long understood this and has been using drones as the tools of bad guys with bad intentions in movies from Star Wars, to Oblivion to Upgrade.

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Originally posted on The Prepper Journal