TFBTV: Carry a Glock? Here are the Only 5 Accessories/Mods You Need

The Glock evokes a lot of emotion from the TFB community. It’s amusing. You have people who are Glock haters, many times because the Glock is the “Toyota Camry” of the gun industry: Reliable, prolific, “boring.” And then you have the tuners who will modify their stock Glock beyond recognition, and even go so far as to build a Glock from the ground up without even using a single Glock component (Polymer 80 frames, ZEV uppers, etc. etc.).

And then you have guys like myself, who love Glocks and take the “Glock is Fine!” approach to modifications.

With that in mind, here are the only 5 accessories or upgrades you might “need” to carry your Glock.


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Originally posted on The Firearm Blog