TFB Review: Fort Scott Munitions TUI Ammo Part 1

Projectile with a Purpose

Fort Scott Munitions is a manufacturer of bullets and complete loaded cartridges, specializing in solid copper spun (SCS) bullets designed to tumble upon impact, hence the acronyms TUI and SCS applying to their projectiles.  They’ve sought to make a bullet that couples a lot of penetration with the trait of tumbling upon impact with soft tissue.  Their bullets are also engineered to retain over 95% of mass after impact.

The projectile itself is designed to keep its original shape for the most part, dealing damage via hydrostatic shock and tumbling inside the tissue to create large temporary wound cavities.  The debate over the effectiveness of both phenomena is not something I will get into in this article, however, for brevity’s sake.  I can report that Fort Scott Munitions has tested their ammunition during hunts and found it to be effective in killing with one shot.

Recently, FSM was gracious enough to send TFB some rounds for testing.  The first two loads tested from FSM (Fort Scott Munitions) were .300 Blackout and 9x19mm, both were 115gr SCS TUI loads.

Working 9 to 5

FSM’s 115gr 9mm comes 20 to a box.  The box itself is quite


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