TFB Review: CK Tactical’s Ripcord Speedloader For Revolvers

In early November, I posted about a new revolver speedloader called the Ripcord, manufactured by CK Tactical Inc. To my knowledge, the Ripcord is the only “pull-tab speedloader” currently on the market, but the mechanics to use it are similar to previous examples I wrote about here. CK Tactical was nice enough to send me a couple 5 and 6 shot models to test. In the comments section of the Ripcord Speedloader product announcement, several concerns were raised and I set out to find the answers as well as put them to the test on the range.

As a quick refresher, the loaded Ripcord is inserted into an empty revolver cylinder much like a traditional Safariland or HKS speedloader, but instead of turning a knob or pushing the loader to release the cartridges, you need to pull the tab away from the revolver, letting the cylinder spin as you pull. This forces the individual cartridges to be released from the Ripcord and drop freely into the chambers. CK Tactical’s YouTube video showing the suggested techniques can be seen below.

[embedded content]

One of the concerns mentioned was that if the Ripcord were pulled with too much force, you could bend


Originally posted on The Firearm Blog