TFB Review: Arms Room California Compliant Leviathan Grip

For people who live in restricted states, you have very limited options to continue to keep and bear arms. Moving is not a realistic option for most, no matter how many times people in free states say to do so. So what options are there? Register or go featureless. Dan, of Arms Room California, noticed the fin grips out on the market and came up with his, version, the Leviathan Grip.

Photo by Arms Room CA of their Gen 1 Leviathan

Dan sent his new Gen II Leviathan Grip for review. The original Leviathan Grip was more like a fin with rubber over molding and it only came in black. Gen 1 grips had a slight issue where the webbing of the shooter’s firing hand would rub against the corner of the AR receiver end plate. The Gen II grip was redesigned to avoid this and also now comes in FDE.

What sets the Leviathan Grip apart from your stereotypical fin grip is that it allows you to wrap your thumb around the grip. It’s not as ergonomic as a regular AR pistol grip but at least you can grab the grip. It is within the CA


Originally posted on The Firearm Blog