TFB First Look: MCK, a Micro Roni Stabilizer Update

I first had the pleasure of getting hands on with the Micro Roni during an event at the end of 2016. The event was focused on the Micro Roni, the MH1 Reflex Sight, and a training course (“IDF Train the Trainer”), and was run by Mikey Hartman, CEO of CAA (and a retired Lt Col of the IDF). Since then he has remained in touch and not just about firearms related stuff–he is an all around genuine good friend.

I found out this morning about some interesting changes to the Micro Roni (with Stabilizer), which originally received an insane amount of social media love, getting somewhere north of 60 million views across their channels. I reached out to Mikey to see if I could find out some more information and he sent us some pictures and drawings while taking a few moments to fill me in on the changes.

After attending the class in 2016, I actually purchased a Micro Roni with my own hard earned cash–I was a big enough fan. That said, there were some trade offs with that version, mainly to fall within BAFTE compliance, and because of some manufacturing choices.

The new update not only


Originally posted on The Firearm Blog