Taylor Freelance Goliath +20 Glock Magazine Extension

This new Taylor Freelance product may look like just another magazine extension, however, it has a lot of interesting and innovative design features. The Goliath +20 aluminum Glock magazine extension is built to withstand extreme use, it is easily serviceable, it can be custom fitted to the magazine and it looks cool.

One of the most important design features that make the Goliath extension stronger is the way it is attached to Glock magazines. The metal liner in Glock magazines does not extend all the way down and the bottom portion of the magazine has no metal reinforcement. That unsupported portion and the plastic baseplate lips are what the magazine extensions normally attached to. It doesn’t sound to be the most robust attachment platform, does it? Taylor Freelance has fixed this issue by making the Goliath extension to extend further up than usual thus enclosing that unsupported lower end and getting fixed to the portion of the magazine where there is a metal liner. Robin Taylor, the founder of the company, demonstrates this feature in the video embedded below.

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In the next video, you can watch what kind of torture testing these extensions are capable to withstand.

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Originally posted on The Firearm Blog