Surviving an Out of Control Riot

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Whether you are concerned about the seemingly unending government shutdown or the growing rift in the American population, your concerns are valid. You see, we are living through an age of radical angst. People are constantly on the lookout for something to be upset about.

This seems to manifest itself in a world of trouble for all parties involved. We have seen riots in the past and it would seem that in Portland there are regular stand offs between Antifa and others. Its only a matter of time before riots become a way of life in this nation.

Do you know how to deal with a riot? What happens if you find yourself engulfed in a hostile riot with yourself and your family?

Move with the Speed of the Riot

If you find yourself in a troublesome situation its best not to fight the tide. You can use your gray man skills and just blend in and walk with the riot as though you belong


Originally posted on SHTF Preparedness