Survival Uses For Coffee Cans And Coffee Filters

Survival uses for coffee cans and coffee filters amazingly go beyond storage. You might be surprised just how many there are as you continue reading!

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Survival Uses for Coffee Cans Survival Uses for Coffee Filters The Many Survival Uses for Coffee Cans and Coffee Filters Survival Uses for Coffee Cans

1. Survival Kit

A metal or plastic coffee can make a great container for a survival kit! You can include items such as a fire starting kit, multi-tool, a poncho, and any other necessary items that could save you in a survival situation. Check out our article, Coffee Can Survival Kit for Your Car, for a great example of what to possibly include in your own survival kit.

2. First Aid Kit

A metal or empty plastic coffee cans make a great container for a first aid kit, as well. Check out our article, What to Include in a Home First Aid Kit, for a step by step guide on building the perfect first aid kit for you and your family.

3. Organize Your Survival Supplies

Empty coffee cans with lids may also help you organize your survival supplies while on a camping trip. Let’s say you


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