Survival Gear Review: Lock Pick Sets

As far as survival skill sets are concerned, one of the most underrated and under researched skills I can think of is lock picking. In the circles I know of and generally run with, emphasis is definitely on the “beans and bullets” mentality….and that’s pretty much about it. Expansion of survival skill set horizons is underplayed and ignored. Hell, if you have enough bullets, you can take the beans, right?

By Drew, a contributing author of Survival Cache & SHTFBlog

This survival theory doesn’t sit well with me for multiple reasons, but at the basest level, I like to learn new skills and processes to keep myself interested and to help ensure I have an edge – no matter how small – in any future situation I may encounter if the chips are down. Coming full circle to the subject matter, I have – for some time – been wanting to delve into the personal unknown of lock picking. I have a close friend whose passion is lock picking, so I needed a set of lock picks and his instruction.

Enter Lock Pick World. A UK company whose owner – according to the website – has been up to mischievous pursuits with lock


Originally posted on Survival Cache