Suppressed SIG Rattler Demonstrated at Army Expeditionary Warrior Experiments

The US Army Expeditionary Warrior Experiments (AEWE) facebook page has shared some interesting photos from a range session at their annual technologies event. The photos, posted on 11 February, show a new prototype suppressed Personal Defense Weapon from SIG Sauer.

AEWE aims to bring together Army operators, procurement specialists, industry representatives and partner nations. AEWE is described as “the Army’s premier prototype technology and concept event focused on the squad and small units.” The photos were taken during a demonstration of the RAMP – or the Rapid Access Magazine Pod. Soldiers of A Co 1-29th Infantry ran a course at Fort Benning’s Shelton Range, using the RAMP rather than conventional pouches.

Most interestingly, however, is the weapon they were running on the course. A new SIG PDW, clearly based on the MCX Rattler but the new PDW is seen running a short suppressor. The can looks similar to the commercially available SIG SRD556-QD suppressor, however, this suppressor looks shorter than the standard SRD556, like the commercial model it appears to be of steel construction and uses SIG’s QD system, it seems this ‘SRD556K’ is currently available to the military only.

Soldier running a RAMP and a SIG Rattler-based PDW (US Army)



Originally posted on The Firearm Blog