Strike Industries Recalls GLOCK Improved Flat Trigger

In the evening on Tuesday, February 12th Strike Industries issued a product recall for their Glock Improved Flat Triggers, citing potential safety concerns. The full text of the recall is below.

The gist of the message is that due to an unspecified safety concern, they are issuing a product recall. As restitution, they are offering a $70 store credit per GLOCK Flat Trigger that you return to them, after completing the form found here.

The company gave no explanation for the recall other than the unspecified safety concerns mentioned in the release. The triggers are still on Strike Industries’ website but are labeled Sold Out. As of writing, the prices for the triggers range between $45 and $47 depending on the color. If you send a trigger with this recall you are apparently getting just shy of double your money back.

We have reached out to Strike Industries for comment and will update the article when we hear back from them.

Are any TFB readers subject to this recall? Do any of you own Strike Industries’ GLOCK Flat Triggers? Have you experienced any malfunctions or failures with them? Let me know in the comments.

Strike Industries Recall

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