So How’s 2019 Shaping Up for Hawaii’s Big Island?

This is a disturbing video from this year, in fact this week, in fact yesterday! Well, not really, it is just labeled that way on the internet. It is six (6) months old. The volcano has quieted down enough to where it is no longer news, certainly not as important as what any B-list celebrity tweeted over the past few days on any of a variety of topics. But there are lessons to be learned here still.

While we refer to all the islands in the area as “Hawai’i” the Big Island is the one named Hawai’i. And like anywhere else natural forces directly affect market value and on the Big Island of Hawai’i, my personal favorite, that was happening in spectacular fashion, but again pushed to the back pages or off the news completely by the Media. But for the areas residents I would guess it is still central in their daily lives.

As Preppers we know that there are someplace you simply don’t “settle down” in. The base of a volcano ranks high on my list of those places, especially that of the largest and the most active volcano in the world, one that has been in


Originally posted on The Prepper Journal