Snipers on Unstable Platforms

The words “unstable” and “sniper” are two things you really don’t want to combine in one sentence, however in real life that choice may not be yours. On top of that you have the weather, temperature and wind to take care of.

Shooting on the move can mean so many things. Just scroll down and watch these pictures, you’ll see a variety of unstable and moving shooting platforms as well as unstable targets.

Unstable Platforms and Moving Targets

The “Unstable Platform” was a five-day course which provided snipers from the U.S., Italy and Greece. By the looks of it they had great weather with a lot of sunshine.

A keyboard warrior like myself would certainly have some issues with seasickness, even with only minor waves. I probably wouldn’t make a good aerial door gunner either, unfortunately. But shooting out of a moving truck, I could do that all day long.

Below: Snipers and Spotters become sailors.

Italian special operations forces engage floating targets from a Hellenic Navy vessel March 14, 2018, during unstable platform training held by the International Special Training Centre on the island of Crete, Greece.  (U.S. Army photo by 1st Lt. Benjamin Haulenbeek)

Italian special


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