Smoothbore Barrels and Rifled Barrels

The barrel is the heart of any firearm. All other components that comprise a gun exist to fire ammunition through the barrel. It is the barrel that holds the projectile, and contains the gasses produced by the combusting powder that accelerate it along the interior, called the bore.

The accuracy, range and power we take for granted with modern firearms has been made possible by the invention of the rifled barrel; a barrel with rifling. Prior to this, all firearms had smoothbore barrels; a barrel without rifling. Rifling made it possible to fire projectiles more accurately and with higher velocity than previously possible, and though it took some time this later revolutionized the design of both ammunition and guns themselves; everything from handguns and long guns all the way up to cannons and other ordnance.

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In the context of small arms, both rifled and smoothbore barrels are common today, with the huge majority of all firearms possessing a rifled barrel except shotguns, which are typically smoothbore. This article will serve as an introduction to characteristics, features and


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