Smokeless Fire Pit – How To Eliminate Annoying & Dangerous Smoke

One of the most annoying parts of having a campfire or backyard fire is avoiding the smoke.

It seems like no matter where you sit, or how often you move the smoke manages to find you!

Making you either sit there to tough it out or scuttling your camp chair around constantly.

And that’s just when you’re sitting around the fire at a normal distance.

It’s even worse if you’re hovering over it to keep your hands warm, to dry clothing, or to cook over the flames.

In these scenarios, it’s nearly impossible to stay out of the thick nasty white smoke.

Leaving you a hot smokey mess, with campfire clothes and irritated eyes.

Instead of just “living with it”, you should consider getting a smokeless fire pit.

So today we’ll be deep diving into the world of smokeless fire pits, specifically:

What A Smokeless Fire Pit Is & How They Work Reasons To Invest In A Smokeless Fire Pit How To Dig A Simple Smokeless Fire Pit How To Build A Smokeless Rocket Stove The Best Smokeless Fire Pits & Grills

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Originally posted on Skilled Survival