Smith and Wesson Model 10 Overview

For any wheelgun aficionado, especially an admirer of Smith & Wesson’s, there is one revolver that blazed the path for millions of others. One that codified both performance and design for over a century to follow. That revolver is the legendary Smith and Wesson Model 10, progenitor of the iconic and loved K-frame, and ancestor of all its descendants. It has been produced nearly continuously from 1899 to today.

Known by other monikers at different times in its long production, including the .38 Hand Ejector Model and Military & Police (a livery recently resuscitated by Smith & Wesson for their excellent striker-fired semi-automatic pistols), the Model 10 is one of the most numerous and beloved fighting handguns ever, with a reputation that few others can ever hope to match.

Serving in almost every major war and innumerable smaller dust-ups, regime changes, police actions and civil conflicts, the Model 10 is a handgun that any serious shooter should be familiar with. Indeed, even if you have never seen or handled a genuine, vintage Model 10, you have still been touched by its legacy that lives on in even the newest Smith and Wesson revolvers.

In this article we’ll take a look


Originally posted on The Survivalist Blog