Simple Homemade Lighter

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Fire craft is a tremendous thing to undertake. When you work hard and really become effective with fire its kind of like having a magic power. When you can seek out tinder and use your skills to make a spark and pull a fire from the world around you, its impressive. To be better at that you need to practice. Still, you should carry a lighter. You wanna be sure that you have lighters. You never know what sort of scenario you could find yourself in. What happens if you injure your arm to the point you can not use it? Your fire skills may be null and void without that arm. At least, it could be much harder.

This is a build for a simple homemade lighter. It might be better just to buy a few packs of BIC lighters than make your own but knowing how to make your own will make a huge difference.

Simple Homemade Lighter


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