SILENCERCO SWITCHBACK: The Quietest Rimfire Suppressor?

SilencerCo is throwing down one heck of a strong statement: their new Switchback rimfire suppressor is the quietest can to ever hit the market. At a reported 108 decibels, I agree, the Switchback has the potential to make bolt action rifles awe-inspiringly quiet. So how did SilencerCo design and build such a master rimfire silencer? Rocket Science.

Seriously, the modular Switchback can be configured into three different lengths, but with four different baffle combinations. In its quietest form, the last five baffles are reversed creating a series of cones found in rocket propulsion. The other long form, a medium form and a small form Switchback combinations can be used on pistols or rifles.

Is the Switchback the quietest factory rimfire silencer to ever be introduced? As I have said many times before, suppressed rimfire is life. And living means shooting as many of them as possible. Maybe we’ll get the Switchback in to Silencer Saturday for some decibel meter testing. Stay tuned.

SILENCERCo SWITCHBACK: The Quietest Rimfire Suppressor?

The Switchback 22 is the most versatile rimfire silencer ever developed. Not only does its modular construction allow the end user to choose from


Originally posted on The Firearm Blog