Should You First Prep for Doomsday or for Emergencies?

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Regional disaster is something that people are dealing with all the time. It would seem that the west coast of the nation is going to start to build that level of preparedness into their process when it comes to dealing with wildfires. We are watching something unprecedented take place. If the world is evolving in such a way that local emergencies or  regional disasters are getting worse and more frequent than what is the difference between that and doomsday?

So often we think that doomsday has to be a collective. There is nothing collective about doomsday. Instead, it is a very personal thing. You are looking out for your survival, right? If that means you against the world or you against the hurricane, it really doesn’t matter that much. You better be prepared. Instead of looking at this as a checklist look at it as a lifestyle.

Should You First Prep for Doomsday or for Emergencies?


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