Should You Bug Out or Hunker Down to Deal With Disaster?

Probably the most common question prepared people ask of each other, and experts, when detailing their personal strategy for coping with a major disruptive event is “Bugging in, or hunkering down?” Stay or go? Run or hide?

It is certainly a good question, as both approaches have intrinsic merit depending on the situation. But where more than a few people go wrong is their “either-or” approach. One should not depend on an inviolable response to any given scenario, as changing situations or unforeseen circumstances may flip your script entirely. If your plans hinge only on one response, your lack of flexibility may result in tragedy, or a grueling exercise in endurance.

What is best instead is treating staying put or bugging out procedures as what they are; possible solutions to a given set of problems. It is fine to default to one as preferential, but you should have alternate and contingency plans in place to make use of the opposite should the situation dictate. In this article I’ll discuss a general set of circumstances that are best suited to one or the other, as well as considerations for dealing with events where you choose to bug in, for instance, but


Originally posted on The Survivalist Blog