Should You Blur Out Serial Numbers In Gun Photos?

Yes, that’s a photo of my own Surefire FA556AR silencer and the serial number is P01239. No, I’m not particularly concerned about posting it.

There are a lot of odd and mistaken beliefs that get repeated in gun circles. Like the idea that racking a shotgun will scare intruders away. Or that using a scary gun will get you locked up for an otherwise justified shooting. It happens in any subculture: someone says a thing and another person repeats it with little or no critical thinking. Next thing you know, people are repeating as fact nonsense like “knockdown power”.

Message from a reader

When we published the ATF affidavit for the recent theft at SHOT 2019, a well-meaning reader admonished us for failing to redact the serial numbers from the list. His comment stems from the belief that one should closely guard serial numbers on guns and NFA devices as closely as one guards a social security number or ATM PIN.

In this case, the reader was particularly concerned that there were serial numbers for Title II devices on the list. It is true that numerous silencer and machine gun serial numbers were published. But what of it? What bad


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