Should You Add A Gas Mask To Your Survival Kit?

A gas mask may not be on your priority list when putting together a survival kit. Today, we’ll change your mind about it.

Do You Have a Gas Mask in Your Survival Kit? -This post was originally published on Gun Carrier and has been shared with permission- The Gas Mark Drill

My first experience with a gas mask was on Parris Island when I entered the United States Marine Corps boot camp. We had gone through various classes on how to operate our gas masks and were properly fitted before we were issued our personal U.S. military gas mask. We also received instruction on other issued gear in order to have better protection against various NBC (nuclear, biological, chemical) attacks.

Once we completed hours of instruction, as well as practice with our NBC gear, it was time to put our equipment to the test. I heard about the dreaded “gas chamber” well before I ever stepped off the bus that brought me to where U.S. Marines are made. None of us mentioned the gas chamber in detail, but we all held in that bit of fear from the tales we were told about the infamous gas chamber.

We were taken to


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