Sellier & Bellot SCREEN AMMO Training Ammunition Line

Sellier & Bellot has introduced a new lead-free rifle ammunition line specifically designed for use in hunting training systems also known as shooting cinemas. The new ammunition line is called SCREEN AMMO which stands for Shooting Cinema Range Entertainment with Environmental and Non-toxic Ammunition. Let’s watch the demo video first.

[embedded content]

Shooting cinemas are indoor training systems that utilize a large screen to simulate a hunting scenario allowing the hunters to train with their weapons and be prepared for the upcoming hunting trip. Interestingly, these new S&B cartridges come with decreased muzzle velocities for the following reasons:

Muzzle velocity has been decreased in order to reduce recoil. This allows you to carry out more intense training sessions, while maintaining a high level of comfort during shooting and ensuring the reliable functioning of semi-automatic hunting rifles. Lower recoil ammunition is also advantageous for female shooters and beginners.

Compared to standard hunting ammunition, the mean point of impact for short distance shooting in shooting cinemas remains unchanged. Therefore, it is not necessary to adjust the sights.

While I understand the idea behind the decreased muzzle velocity in this particular case, I still think one should also master his skills


Originally posted on The Firearm Blog