Sector Optics G1T2 System – Rifle Scope With Bult-in Thermal Screen

Sector Optics is a new brand name in thermal imaging and rifle scopes market. It is the division of Torrey Pines Logic, which products include a wide variety of other electro-optical devices. In this article, we’ll take a look at the Sector Optics G1T2 riflescope system.

Image by Sector Optics

The Sector Optics G1T2 system consists of the company’s G1 scope with their ID (Internal Display) technology and the T2 thermal imager and rangefinder combination device. The T2 sits over the scope, in front of the turrets. It is plugged into the scope and basically allows to transmit the thermal image and range estimation values into the G1 scope’s internal display.

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Perhaps the most valuable feature offered by this system is the ability to be aware of the events downrange thanks to the image of a much wider field of view in the internal display while having the scope itself zoomed in at any particular target. The G1 is a 1-8×24 scope and the thermal imager has a 3-8x optical zoom capability.

Image by Sector Optics

While visiting the Torrey Pines Logic booth at SHOT Show 2019, I asked the company officials what other benefits


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