Sealed Foods that Last Forever

It seems as if the beginning and ending of prepping is stockpiling food. I say that because that’s how almost all of us start out and it’s something we keep on doing, even after most of our preps are done. With no sure idea of how long we’re going to have to survive off of our stockpile, it just seems to make sense to keep letting it build, even past what we originally intended.

Yet at the same time that we keep adding to our stockpiles, there’s a concern about whether all that food will last. As it comes from the supermarket, most foods won’t last long. So, we tend to repackage much of what we buy, making sure that bacteria, insects and rodents can’t get to them. Properly packaged, there are actually a number of foods which will last much longer than you’d expect.

Of course, a lot of this has to do with how well we package and store these foods. Proper packaging needs to be airtight and critter proof. Removing the oxygen from the package can help, as insects need oxygen to survive, just like we do. Dry foods have to be really dry, without any chance of


Originally posted on Ask A Prepper