School Shooters Aren’t Born. They’re Made.

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The scourge of school shooting is the most terrible thing we have seen. Its not going away. We are going to see more of them and we will fall into our strange arguments about other things that we are fighting for. We will see the guns everywhere crowd shouting down the no guns crowd. That is such an incredibly terrifying thing because we are going nowhere and kids are getting killed. How do we fix this issue in America? Is it armed teachers in schools? Is it stricter rules on guns.

This is a powerful article that is going to make you think. You will certainly begin to understand that you are going to look at how school shooters aren’t born but they are made. This is a problem that we need to take our time and pull apart slowly. We need to get around this issue and do it carefully.

School Shooters Aren’t Born. They’re Made.


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