Save Money By Increasing Self Sufficiency

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This way that we are living just doesn’t seem to be the right way. Why does it seem like we are all making some decisions that just don’t make sense. We are treating the planet in a way that will not work for the human race, long term. Why then do we continue down this path? Well, we are living out of synch. We are stuck living a life of maximum dependence. Its an ugly situation but its real. This extreme dependence, costs the planet, costs our kids and finically costs us much more. The big secret is that it costs our souls as well.

This is an interesting article that might get you thinking about your option. It is about saving money through self sufficiency. While this may seem like something silly, it is most certainly the opposite. There are real benefits to be had from living a self sufficient lifestyle.

Save Money By Increasing Self Sufficiency


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