Review: Ruger Precision Rimfire

Learning to really shoot a rifle requires getting off your belly. The Precision Rimfire rifle makes that possible.

Photos by Mark Fingar

Ruger made a splash a couple of years back with their highly adjustable Ruger Precision Rifle (RPR) designed for long-­range shooters. It not only works well from the bench and from the prone for competition, but it has so much adjustability and flexibility that the RPR has proven to be capable in the field.

From that same vein, Ruger’s new Precision Rimfire is mining every nugget of precision ingenuity and putting it into an ideal platform for anyone trying to learn how to shoot from positions other than the bench or the prone because it is lighter and less expensive to shoot. It is one of the best positional shooting training rifles to come along in a long time.


While it is natural to assume that a .22LR rifle is perfect for new shooters and youth to begin on (because it is), no rifle is enjoyable to shoot if it doesn’t fit the shooter well. While some rifles lack the adjustments necessary to be very good for anything more than the most basic shooting positions, the


Originally posted on Guns and Ammo