Recover Tactical Hi Power HPC Grip and Rail System Now Available for Preorder

The latest addition to the Recover Tactical product line is the HPC grip and rail system designed for FN/Browning Hi Power pistols. This product replaces the original Hi Power grips, extends the dust cover portion of the frame, adds a 1913 Picatinny rail section as well as provides a modern grip texture.

Besides the original grip screws, the two sides of the HPC grip and rail system are also attached to each other via three set screws: two on the rail and one at the front bottom portion of the trigger guard.

This product is made of glass-reinforced polymer. It will be available in four color options: black, OD green, FDE and grey. The overall weight is a little over 2 oz (60 grams).

This is also a drop in accessory. It doesn’t require any permanent changes to the weapon and can be installed within minutes without a need to have any special skills or tools. The Recover tactical HPC grip system is compatible with Browning and FN made Hi Power pistols only (it won’t work with FEG pistols). The thickness of the Recover Tactical grip is equal to that of the original factory grips. Hi Power pistol equipped with this


Originally posted on The Firearm Blog