Reader’s Choice Awards: Vote for Semi-Auto Shotgun

Most of the time we choose content based on a complex algorithm that involves consulting the stars, throwing chicken bones, and getting the editorial staff really inebriated.  Rarely do we give you the ability to tell us what YOU think are good products.  To facilitate this, we are starting a new monthly feature on the site:  Reader’s Choice Awards.

Each month we are going to host a poll that you can vote on. Each month will be a different category (Optics, Revolver, Bolt Action Rifle, Concealed Carry Pistol, etc.). The list of entries will be curated from the top sales in the preceding six months.  This is solely to introduce some objectivity into it; there must be some popularity if it tops the sales list (or is horrifically expensive) A random winner will be picked from voters and that winner will get some swag. You can vote for your choice every day while the poll is running and you can earn an extra entry for telling us WHY you chose it (we will pick some of the most creative and highlight them during the results post) At the end of the month, we will post the winning choice (along with


Originally posted on The Firearm Blog