Raised Beds – Pro-Con Fact -check

Before we get started, I want to say that I’m a huge fan of permanent and raised beds. They don’t need any exaggerations to be an incredible gardening method, but sometimes that’s exactly what we run into. People start touting the benefits of raised beds and end up airing overeager and possibly even unwitting exaggerations.

There’s actually only a couple benefits specific to raised beds, even versus till systems.

Reduced soil care & maintenance

It applies to any permanent bed: Less area is being as actively worked than a full plot even if we’re essentially tilling our soil. Too, even when we feel we must churn our beds with our rakes and clawed cultivators, that “tilling” is regularly just scuffing the top 2-4” (“shallow cultivation”).

Healthier soil structure and composition

It’s a biggie, although other no-till systems also reap the benefits that come from active, living soils. However, both raised beds and container gardens are still at risk of soil compaction depending on soil fill, planting, and mulching practices.

Throw Most Other Claims Out the Window

Some of them rely on specific types of bounded bed construction and specific soil fill. Some of them are actually a


Originally posted on The Prepper Journal