PSQ-18 Grenade Launcher Sight – Night Vision IR Illuminator On a Budget

Insight is well known for making weapon lasers like the PEQ-15. They also made a weapon laser sight for grenade launchers. The PSQ-18 and PSQ-18/A are the laser sights for the M203 and M320 grenade launcher. They have a laser pointer but they also have an integrated IR laser illuminator that works very well.

While I was not in the military, I have been told by people who served that the PSQ-18 is a “giant piece of garbage”. It is bulky and pretty much useless when using a 40mm grenade launcher. No one used them and generally left them behind to save weight and space. However one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I was curious how good or bad the PSQ-18 was as an IR laser pointer and illuminator. Once I tested the PSQ-18 I strongly believe they are worth rescuing and repurposed as a budget IR laser pointer and illuminator.

Below are some images I found online of how the PSQ-18 was intended to be used.

PSQ-18 on an M203. Photo Credit

PSQ-18/A on an EGLM M320. Photo credit

The M203 PSQ-18 sits a little


Originally posted on The Firearm Blog