Prepping: Your “High-Performance Brain”

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There are a lot of categories that preppers focus on. The struggle with prepping is to know where to focus the most. A lot of this can have to do with your current situation and your environment. It can easily dictate where you need to spend most of your time. Instead of learning how to forage for wild edibles in New York City, you might spend more time on your bugout bag or first aid skills. Its just a matter of management.

Its always good to focus on the condition and ability of the body you are in. That is a constant and you will rely heavily on it if you are left to fend off the collapse. This is a great article about prepping the brain. Training the mind to be a better tool than it already is, that’s no easy feat. Still, you can and you should.

Prepping: Your “High-Performance Brain”


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