Prepping for the Next Great War

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There are a number of things that are happening on the world stage that could destabilize the long-standing world peace. Now, nothing is perfect but with the amount of war we have seen in recent years we have not seen the type of loss compared to the type of death and destruction we dealt with in the last world war.

World war is something that most people cannot understand. With the advancements in warfighting tech, I think its hard for anyone to understand what a real-world war would look like in our world today. There are more people than ever and much more effective killing weapons than ever before. That means many people will die.

Most notably is the tinderbox that exists just under the surface of many first world nations today. There is a serious division all over the world.

Places like America and Europe are very divided on a right-left paradigm and its pretty easy to say that even in wartime, we could


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