Prepping Away from Home

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Where does it all go? That is the thought when you see what a years worth of freeze dried food for the first time. Even if you only see it from a screen on your computer, it can still be pretty powerful. For many preppers they are struggling with space long before they even start buying food or resources.

Its time, money and space that crush most preppers. Those are the three biggest issues when it comes to hurtles for the average prepper. Still, we cannot allow these things to stop us from prepping for disaster.

What about the idea of prepping away from home?


Creating survival caches is not just about storing hidden preparedness items but it can also be about storing things that do not take up shelf space in your home.  These caches can be as effective and creative as you would like them to be.

Storage Facilities

Another idea is to look to offsite storage. This is a two fold


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