Prepper Concerns Going Into 2019 – Thresholds Into The Unknown?

It’s the last day of 2018. Now what are your concerns going into the new year, 2019?

Economic?, Political?, Social?, Other?

I looked back at what your top concerns were going into 2018, and I’ll bet that many are the same. Maybe even more concerning…

Here’s a summary of your top concerns from a year ago:

1. Economic decline continuing to gain speed.

2. Inflation (continued devaluation of purchasing power).

3. The Increasing American divide.

4. Ongoing media propaganda war and tech tyranny against conservatives.

5. Civil war.

The Economy 2019

The economy during most of 2018 continued its bubble growth. It has been fueled with premium gas since 2008.

The economic engine has sputtered during December and may be the first signs of engine failure. This isn’t good. Can the mechanics keep it running?

I believe that most of you have enough understanding of our economic system to know that it is all fueled by debt. That’s just how it works. The issue is this:

To keep the present economic system working (so called ‘growth), there must be more debt. Without more debt, it stalls. Even fails.

There has never ever been so much debt


Originally posted on Modern Survival Blog