Preparing for the End: What Skills Will Best Serve You?

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Facing the fact that we are coming to the end of our fossil fuel energy binge and the Earth is retaliating against centuries of abuse in the form of climate change, it is safe to say that the end is near. Being prepared for the cataclysmic, economic and political events that are bound to happen in our near future is your best chance for your survival. You and your family should be able to support yourselves without the help of others. When the SHTF, the only ones that you can trust with your survival will be yourselves.

Evaluate Skill Sets

Take a closer look at the people that you live with or plan on teaming up with in the face of a major event. What skills do those people possess that will contribute to the survival of your group? Everyone has a natural talent, but consider if that talent is useful or could be adapted to better serve the group. There are many different roles


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