POTD: Triple AR-15

I have been looking at the picture of this setup, trying to figure out how the system works.

I think that when you pull the trigger on rifle #1 (middle), it fires and sends its gas to cycle and fire rifle #2 (bottom), which will do the same with #3 (top), which will then send its gas to cycle #1.

If you keep your finger on the trigger on rifle #1, the cycle would then repeat until there’s a jam or the magazines are empty.

Presumably all rifles must be full auto. If you note rifle #2 and #3 they have no triggers and auto sears.

Rilfe #3 doesn’t have a charging handle.

Gas timing could be a bit of an issue as well.

If you were using 30 round magazines in all rifles, I wonder how long time it would take before they were empty?

For sure, you would have brass flying in all sort of directions.

Unfortunately I don’t know the source of the photo or who built it, but I will be happy to add information and credit.

Tromix have some strange AR15 designs as well, like the Siamese Twin M16. Click to check out the mag


Originally posted on The Firearm Blog