POTD: Oddball Uppers

Thanks to Alex W for sharing his collection of oddball and prototype uppers. I will be honest, I do not recognize most of these. But they look cool. Here is a list Alex posted with his photos.

Prototype/oddball uppers

-M16a1e1 (complete)
-M16a1e1 (just the upper but have the barrel and handguards for it so should be complete this weekend)
– 3 laser uppers with both trigger and pressure pads
-early 741 upper with M16A1 bipod (need an original lmg bipod)
-late 741 upper nos
-colt Canada lmg upper
-India trial 7.62×39 monolithic
-cutaway 727 all original minus lower which was an 80%

I know where an ACR upper is but it’s insanely priced. I am working on getting a M16A1 cutaway upper and also another 727 cutaway upper.

I still want a doe, m231 and a 606. The 606 would round out my lmg uppers I believe.

As a fan of lasers, I am intrigued by the huge laser uppers. They were supposedly made by Laser Products who later went on to become SureFire.

laser products inc aka surefire nowadays made a handful back in 1981-1982. Someone told me for the CIA but who knows. Later versions that were smaller came to


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