POTD: Latvian Honour Guards with M16A1s

NATO recently shared a short video focused on Latvia’s Honour Guards. The video is part of NATO’s #WeAreNATO campaign that showcases units and roles in NATO member militaries, other recent videos have looked at a US combat photographer and a Portuguese jet pilot.

The Latvian Guard of Honour are part of the Latvian Land Forces (Sauszemes Spēki, SzS)’s National Armed Forces Staff Battalion. They are hand picked for their stature and conduct, interestingly the guards are each armed with American M16A1s fitted with M7 bayonets. The Latvian Army and National Guard’s standard service rifle is the HK G36.

Check out the video below:

[embedded content]

The Guard of Honour are responsible for guarding the Freedom Monument, which commemorates the those killed in the Latvian War of Independence, in Riga and also Riga Castle – when the president is in residence.

Here’s an earlier photo of the Guard of Honour from 2014:

The changing of the Guard of Honor (source)


Originally posted on The Firearm Blog