POTD: Canik TP9 Elite Combat

Today’s Photo is a Canik TP9 Elite Combat in 9×19 mm.

The picture used with permission thanks to Schrombo – check his Instagram out in the link provided.

I ordered this Canik TP9 Elite Combat at this years (read 2018) IWA in Nürnberg  – and today it arrived. It’s a collaboration between Canik and Salient Arms, SAI designed the fluted barrel, the thread protector and the fibre optic sight. And boy, this pistol comes with the most complete set I’ve ever seen.

In addition to the pistol, an 18 and a 15 round mag, the set contains a beefier backstrap, several interface plates for optic sights, a slide racker, an adjustable holster, four different sizes of mag release buttons, a barrel wrench (for the thread protector) and some cleaning utensils – all packaged nicely in a neat little case.

This is the third Canik pistol I bought and I must say, they are all very well made and shoot really well. In fact I must admit that I have recently neglected both my Glock 26 and my Walther PPQ in favor of the Canik TP9’s…

Canik TP9 Elite Combat– FEATURES:

“Threaded Barrel designed by


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