Pocket Timers: A Must-Have for Quality Practice Sessions

(Left) PACT Club Timer III feels the best in our hands and presents a large, unmistakable “GO” button. You can set the timer for a countdown delay or instant go. Once a string is fired, reviewing the recorded times is quick and easy. $130
(Right) Competition Electronics Pocket Pro II has its start button on the side. The menu and navigation are comprehensive and this model offers the most features users can set/adjust. $130

Feedback is valuable. At the range, we check targets and inspect our firearms, optics and ammunition. The goal is to always improve, and to accomplish that every shooter needs to make a shot timer part of their range bag.

Shot timers detect gun shots, and good timers will tell us the time from the first beep to each subsequent shot to a degree of accuracy within 1/100th of a second.

PACT makes their own buzzer that is as loud as the government will allow a low-frequency buzzer to be.

Besides the time recorded between start and finish, timers will also offer information such as splits. Split times, i.e., the time between shots, are helpful in determining consistency. Improving consistency will help eliminate many errors.

Shot timers


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