Plants You Should Grow Around Your House To Repel Insects And Bugs (Including Termites)

Nobody likes to be bugged; at least, nobody I know likes to be. Yet we live in a world where we are surrounded by bugs; billions of insects who are just trying to live their lives and in the process manage to bug us. They probably aren’t bothered in the least by having us around, but we can sure be bothered by them.

In fact, we are so bugged by bugs, that one billion pounds of pesticides are used in the United States each year. While a lot of that is used on farms and for other commercial uses, there’s still a fair amount used around people’s homes; either to keep pests out of the garden, to kill them in the home or to just keep them from pestering us.

This constant exposure to chemical pesticides is clearly not good for us. There seem to be a steady stream of news stories coming out, from all parts of the political spectrum, talking about the health risks of pesticides, both to us humans and to our friends in the animal kingdom. There has even been a considerable amount of evidence to connect declining bee populations with chemicals that aren’t even supposed to


Originally posted on Ask A Prepper