Pickups for Preppers – Kiddie Pools

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Curbside pickups can sometimes still benefit well-established, big-spread preppers, but they’re especially big boosts for beginners, people in the ‘burbs, and those still tightly budgeting or branching into new things. This time around, I’m looking at kiddie pools.

They basically fall into two categories: stiff-sided baby pools and several types of soft, flexible pools.

The latter tend to be more fragile and will remain more vulnerable to punctures. Patching kits are handy to have on hand, but save them for packing/camping trips and mattresses, rain gear, and things that cost more than the patching kit does, not a curbside pickup pool.

FlexSeal and duct tape aren’t always good enough in a situation when they’ll stay inundated or mobile, but they work well enough for most uses here.

Patching Tip: Car tires to inflatable pools or floaties, if you’ve got something that’s leaking, grab your


Originally posted on The Prepper Journal