Pesticide Residues Still Prevalent in Honey: Recent Review of Samples From Around the World Reveals Danger to Bees

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Will we ever get out from under the thumb of the pesticides? Is there something that is going to feed us, all of us, without the use of pesticides? You see, if a crop fails its not the worst thing. If multiple crops were to fail all over the nation it would not only affect US food stuffs but it would also affect how much food we are going to be able to export to the world. That is no joke. We could be talking about world starvation. We have wheat reserves but that is not the best turnout.

Still, we know that pesticides are not just infecting our food but they are also killing our bees and other animals. This article assures us that we are not at the endo of pesticides burning into our society in terrible ways.

Pesticide residues still prevalent in honey: Recent review of samples from around the world reveals danger to bees


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