Perfect Prepper DIY Projects for Kids

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Many people lament about the fact that they feel as though they are on their prepping journey alone. They act as though there is no one to help the along the way and the family is uninterested.

Do you have kids?

If the answer is yes, than its impossible for them to be uninterested in prepping and survival. You are, more than likely, just introducing them to the wrong aspects or your doing it at the wrong times. The very best way to get help in prepping is from your kids and in creating different types of projects.

DIY with kids goes a long way! So lets look at several DIY projects that will engage your children and get them thinking about preparedness and maybe even helping you out!

Sun Oven

There are many builds for a DIY sun oven. You can make a model with cardboard and tin foil or you can make on of just metal. No matter which direction you go, the


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