Pepper Sprays for Preppers: What You Need to Know

Pepper spray is an excellent and under-utilized tool for self-defense in a prepper’s bag of tricks. It is also one of the only true intermediate or less-lethal force options that are easy to carry and generally effective. Pepper spray may seem like a no-brainer, point-and-squirt implement, but like everything else we as preppers are concerned with the devil is in the details.

Essential qualities of pepper spray usage includes things like knowing your formulation, effective range, and type of agent. More advanced but equally important information is knowing how to fight through getting dosed with your own spray due to blowback or subsequent contact contamination and having contingency actions in place in the event your application is ineffective.

This article will serve as a guide to the most important criteria when selecting pepper spray, as well as things you should consider, both pros and cons, before making the decision to carry and use it as part of a well-rounded self defense plan.

The Heat: What is Pepper Spray and What Isn’t

Pepper spray is basically a solution or mixture of capsaicinoids, the very same chemicals that make hot peppers hot, and an emulsifying agent to carry the capsaicinoids in water.


Originally posted on The Survivalist Blog