People Are Bugging Out But They’re Coming To My Place! What?!

I recently received an email from one of our regular comnentors about “what if” others show up at your door following a true societal collapse. She said this:

“I’m the one with the farm, the river, the perceived endless cornucopia of abundance, and this is where they’ll head.”

“Have I invited anyone, and what are the conditions?”

“What resources do I have, and which am I willing to share?”

“What arrangements am I making/have I made, and for whom?”

(Might be an interesting discussion.)

Another ‘regular’ said this regarding SHTF rules and others showing up at his door:

Like many here I invite my relatives.

1. You get here, I’m not picking you up.
2. Bring your own stuff, I have not prepared for you.
3. DONT knock on the door at night.
4. Be ready to actually work for a living/food.
5. This is my place, my rules.

I’ve touched upon this topic before. It’s time to do it again.


Why? Because if you think about “what if” now, BEFORE anything like this happens, you will already have established a thought-process and hopefully a plan.

How will you handle this situation (others showing up


Originally posted on Modern Survival Blog