Over Looked Areas of Prepper Communications?

Editors Note: A guest contribution from SoulzChaos to The Prepper Journal. The article provides a new preppers viewpoint and I have added a number of links to related articles from The Prepper Journal’s archives on the subject that make for an informative review of the subject of communications from a prepping standpoint.

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Greetings fellow friends and Preppers,

My history…
I am no professional prepper or survivalist. However, I have been working on my preparedness knowledge and resources for the past six (6) or so years. I am a certified life guard and ham radio operator and will probably take CERT training and get a concealed carry next.


Ham Radio
As a ham radio operator I like the concept of watching prepper videos educate us on Ham radio operations. However, I have some points I think preppers overlook with Ham radio operations.

– What is needed to dial in a Frequency? Most inexperienced radio operators think every conversation is simplex (Radio to Radio


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